Alexa Koeckritz - Web Portfolio - English 375

Alexa holding a plant


My name is Alexa, it's my second semester at GMU, and I'm a history major with a concentration in digital history. My goals for this course are to learn how to create a website from scratch using html and css, as all the websites I have made in the past for HIST390 and Virginia History Day have been made using WordPress or a similar template software. My skills include writing, graphic design and drawing, and project management.

Web Design Modules:

Module One

Module Two - Version 1
Module Two - Version 2

Module Three - Part 1
Module Three - Part 2
Module Three - Part 3

Module Four - Part 1a (Graphic)
Module Four - Part 1b (CSS)
Module Four - Part 2a (One Column)
Module Four - Part 2b (Two Columns)

Module Five - GMU AKX Website

Module Six - GMU AKX Website (Revised)
Module Six - Updates